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Welcome To The Engagement Enquiry Area

If you would like to receive a quotation for the Para Hills Brass Band to play at your event, please submit your details to us so that our secretary can get back to you. Remember, a brass band will make your event come alive.

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For the safety of the band, we have just a few conditions that must be met before we can play. These consist of:

  1. A performance area of at least 25m2
  2. A loading area close to the event for loading and unloading of drum kit and other heavy equipment
  3. Chairs without arms for up to 25 players (we can provide our own chairs if required - but please tell us beforehand)

If playing outdoors:

  1. Weather conditions on the day must be considered
  2. Consider some form of shelter on wet or hot days to prevent damage to our music and other essential equipment

Please remember:

  • Book well in advance of the date of your event for optimal band availability
  • Payment is due to the band on the day of the event

Please Note

This is not a contract. The information you provide above will allow us to provide you with a no obligation quote plus any further advice that may be necessary. All details will be confirmed with you at a later date via phone or email.